Affordable Collectibles for Every Age Group

Collectibles range from stamps, to figurines, to spoons, to science fiction action sets, to model cars and planes. The list goes on and on, and ranges in pricing, size, areas of interest, and value. Many collectibles are expensive and out of financial range for the average person. Some are very delicate and can only be properly handled by older collectors. There are a few collectibles that are affordable and appropriate for every age group. Stamps fall into this category, as do diecast model cars. These collectibles can be started at an early age and added to for generations. There will be some expensive models, but there are also plenty of lower priced items that can be purchased, displayed, and collected with pride.

Over the past twenty years, Diecast cars have undergone a transformation that makes them more accessible to every collector. Until 1995, there were two manufacturers of diecast model trucks and cars. The options were exclusive, expensive, and limited in scale and scope. The only available size was a 1:24 scale model. The scale indicates the ratio of the size of the replica to the actual size of the replicated vehicle. The larger the second number is, the smaller the model. The smallest size, for example, is a 1:64 scale. The largest scale model is 1:18, which allows for intricate detail, working and moving parts, and full interior replications. The newer scale of 1:18, introduced in 1995, were more cost-effective, provided more detail, and opened up collecting to a whole new customer base.


Currently, is the largest internet retailer of diecast model collectibles in the country. Catalog and web-only pricing reduces pricing significantly to allow more customers to enjoy collecting scale diecast models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, ships, cannons, and tanks. New collectibles are added constantly, and shoppers can search for items by categories that include scale, decade, year, type of model, and pricing. Close to one-thousand cars and trucks are available from a 1904 Buick Model B 1:32 scale model to a 2015 Corvette Z06 1:24 scale model.

There are collections of classic prewar Chevy cars, a Lightning Fast Muscle Car collection, and a Late 60’s Detroit Muscle Collection in a 1:64 scale size. Display cases, accessories, exclusive discounts, sales, and clearance sections are also available on the site. Shipping is a flat rate, satisfaction is guaranteed, and in-stick items are shipped within one business day of the completion of an order. Start the collection with one model, and add to it little by little, or start off a you g collector with a gift of a scale diecast model.

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